Japanese Gardens


To define a landscape largely depends on what you would want to achieve by the time the project is up and finished. Be it a landscape in your residential area or your commercial area. Landscaping is the icing on the cake and when done right it enhances beauty of given architectural structures.

We shall therefore define landscaping as the process of making a garden or other piece of land more attractive by altering the existing layout or design, adding ornamental features and planting trees and shrubs of various attributes.


Types of Landscaping

Different landscape styles that are common and used largely across the globe are not limited to a strict theme as majority try to at least start with a theme that complements their home style and geographic area.

  1. Japanese Garden Style

This is my personal best amongst all the styles available. The softness and fluidity that comes with Japanese Garden Styles is one of the very many reasons why it is ranked among the best gardening style across the globe.

In order to enjoy the order and elegance of this garden theme, most folks either devote all or part of their backyards to it. In most instances, this style clashes with the look of most modern home designs, but that does not mean it cannot be achieved. When an architect, a landscape designer and an interior designer sit in one meeting with the client and get a similar brief, this style is very achievable hand in hand with the modern home design.

  1. Mediterranean Style

This theme gets a lot of its atmosphere from the plants used to create it. The largely new varieties of Palm Trees and different Mediterranean plant varieties are propagated to conform to different weather conditions. This style over the years is among those that are most popularly used in many parts of the world.

  1. South West Landscape Design

A popular theme and atmosphere that could be created through garden décor in combination with plant covers. This particular landscape style is best done in arid and semi-arid areas. So while you thought your dry desolate landscape has nothing enticing to offer…think again.

  1. Cottage Garden Style

These were originally created for raising crops to sustain families. Over time of course they have taken on a whole new appearance and use. Originally, flowers were few or established only by wind pollination. It is a darling for the kitchen gardens, herbs and flower gardens.

  1. Formal Garden Style

Just like the name suggests, formal landscape designs depend on a lot of straight lines and geometrical shapes as design elements. Many a time, this style is very symmetrical, meaning, plants are in order and are continually pruned to maintain their formal effect, also the paths designed are in very linear appearances.

  1. Tropical Landscape Design Style

This hugely depends on where you are on the globe as most tropical plants would hardly do well in colder regions of the globe. The plants in this design style have larger leaves and flowering is intensely coloured. The foliage is also placed toward the back of planting beds creates a dense tropical atmosphere.